Throw Back Thursday

This #throwbackthursday photo is a favourite of ours from the 2017 May class.  What you are seeing here are a couple of muscle release techniques that help relax the muscle and relieve tension.


The technique on the left works directly on the piriformis muscle belly using moderate pressure combined with passive leg movement by the therapist.  The technique on the right is a technique on the Achille’s tendon (which is the combined tendon of three calf muscles) in which the student therapist is mildly torquing the tendon to activate small nerve cells to signal the muscle – through the pathways to and from the brain – to relax the muscle.

Both these techniques are a staple in the world of a Massage Therapist for people who suffer from lower limb and hip issues.  This is but a taste of all the amazing techniques our students learn and master over the course.  Stay tuned for more.


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